Pays: Your expenses from an accident caused by an uninsured motorist or if the
other driver did not have enough insurance to cover your bills, up to your policy's
dollar limits. Also pays for accidents caused by a hit-and-run driver if you report the
accident promptly to the police.
***The contents of this site are offered as a guide and do not guarantee coverage. Please review your
policies for specific coverages. Coverages and exclusions may vary from carrier to carrier.
Covers: .You, your family members, passengers in your car, and others driving your
car with your permission.
Bodily injury UM/UIM pays without deductibles for medical bills, lost wages,
pain and suffering, disfigurement, and permanent or partial disability.

Property damage UM/UIM pays for auto repairs, a rental car, and damage
to items carried in your car. There is an automatic $250 deductible. This
means you must pay up to $250 of the repairs yourself.
Insurers must offer UM/UIM coverage, but you can reject it in writing.